Countdown to Richard’s birthday

Day 4: Favourite quote 

''It fills me with confidence to know that if I have to go to war, I have an army of women behind me''.
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promised cheer-up for you, isa :3 (x)

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You remember it, Balin? Chambers filled with golden light…
I    r e m e m b e r .

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Just jumping on the bandwagon 

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Starring Richard Armitage...

”A man always looks good in a dark suit” - Greg Kinnear

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 ”But oh to be free. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world.” 

RIP Robin Williams. You were a great inspiration in my life and I hope you found peace at last. 


MIDDLE EARTH MEME:  battles  [1/5] » dwarves and orcs

"Azog the Defiler learned that day that the line of Durin would not be so easily broken. Our forces rallied and drove the Orcs back; our enemy had been defeated... but there was no feast or songs that night, for our dead were beyond the count of grief."

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